Glamelia Composite Bridal Bouquet

Glamelia Composite Bridal Bouquet

Composite style bridal bouquet has a flirty, refined, fancy and sweet as well as appearance, and when is done well shows the artistry level of your florist:)
This bouquet is called glamelia or composite (because of the way it is made- by composing rows and rows of petals) was very popular in 1940s and 50s, long time before mass production of bouquet holders, when people would not hesitate to invest time, energy and patience in a consuming project with wire work, which a glamelia bouquet is.
In our days, with rising popularity of vintage styled weddings and bridal attire this beautiful bouquet is experiencing a revival in popularity. The bouquet has a round, traditional for bridal bouquets shape, but its look and texture... It keeps people not involved in secrets of floristry guessing on - how on earth it was made?
We make several kinds of glamelias- looking like a giant rose, like this one on the picture, or a big mum. in same color or in several, with equal texture or with divided areas and added accents.
All colours are available
Please contact us for personal advice and more information- kind of silk flowers you want your bouquet to be made of, this one in the picture is made of foam flowers. We are happy to work with you to make your truly unique bouquet.

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